How To Get To Gubei Water Town from Beijing

As this place is just about 120 KM away from Beijing, there are several options that can take you to Gubei Water Town easily. Here we go:

Option 1: Taking bus from Dongzhimen Station to Gubeikou Station

If you are already in Beijing, make sure to take the bus from Dongzhimen Station. You can reach the station by taking taxi, online taxi (DiDi app), or subway line 13. After you arrive at Dongzhimen Station, take 980 Express bus to Miyun Bus Station, then continue taking Mi 25 bus to Gubeikou Station. Detail as below:

how to get to gubei water town

This trip may takes time about 3 hours (one-way).

Option 2: Direct Taxi to Gubei Water Town

You can take taxi or online taxi from DiDi apps wherever you are in Beijing, it may takes about 1 hour to 2 hours trip. The fares might be different, it depends on the distance. In my case, I took taxi directly once I arrived at Beijing International Airport and it did cost CNY 500.

Option 3: Self-drive from Beijing to Gubei Water Town

This is the easiest way to get to Gubei Water Town from Beijing or wherever you are in mainland China, but only if you own a car or at least–you rent a car.



Located in Gubeikou Town in Beijing’s Miyun County, Gubei Water Town encompassesthe gorgeous Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and is just next to the most perilous and majestic section of the Great Wall known as The Simatai Great Wall. Gubei Water Town has a rich mix of mountains, ancient villages, and water making it the ‘Wuhzen in Beijing’.

One noticeable thing about this town is its old-fashioned elegance and simplicity. Old quartzite streets, rows upon rows of houses and long Hutong’s show the features and style of the town. You will find river channels scattered between the streets. During the night, Gubei Water Town presents a cosy and tranquil atmosphere.

Apart from sightseeing, tourists can also take part in native activities and experience local customs. Visitors can also see the Carts, the Plum Stakes, or watch a performance of martial arts. At the ever-lively Eight Banners Guild Hall, you get to learn the customs and traditions of Gubei Pass. —

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