8D7N Itinerary To India 2018 – Total Expenses Included!

THE WAIT IS OVER! Here I let you guys know my real experience for those whoever wants to have freaking holidays in India. I share a complete day-by-day activities (8D7N Itinerary) while I was visiting India, started from Jakarta on April 2018.

I went to 5 cities in India: Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur

DAY 1 Jakarta – KL

On the day 1, not much to tell you about, but just a little bit drama.. LoL. One of my friends, Angga, was left behind and couldn’t catch the flight schedule so he decided to buy new flight ticket to Jaipur, alone. We met at transit in KL by the way and finally took the same plane from KL to Jaipur. FYI, that was the first time in my life hoping for a delay flight schedule. NO MORE YA!

DAY 2 — KL – Jaipur

As we have just landed in Jaipur, we headed to our hostel directly by Uber Car. No trust in me and also my friends to take unmetered taxi at the airport, you know.. It’s India. It was just a half day since we arrived and we decided to just visit one historical place; AMER FORT.

DAY 3 — Jaipur – Agra

This was our second day in Jaipur and we planned to explore the city during the whole day. We checked out the hostel in the morning after we all had our breakfast, rented a TukTuk (local vehicle in India) for a city ride. It was so fun and memorable experience. But yeah.. do not forget to bargain the price given by the driver, remember one thing; everything in India is so cheap! On this day, we went to 2 places: HANUMAN TEMPLE & HAWA MAHAL.

At the afternoon, we left Jaipur to Agra by train. It took us about 3 hours ride. There was nothing to explore at night in Agra, unless having a dinner, quality time, and going to the hostel afterwards.

Day 4 — Agra – New Delhi

We got only this one day to explore the city before leaving for New Delhi at night. The mandatory historical destination in Agra, or maybe the most wanted destination in India; Taj Mahal, was not forgotten in our mind. We deliberately woke up in the early morning to enter the site and unexpectedly there was so crowded, long queuing line! The sun wasn’t shining already by the way.

At the afternoon, we visited Agra Fort, a beautiful yet historical red fort.

Day 5 — New Delhi – Jaisalmer

We arrived in the early morning in Delhi, the train was delayed for 6 hours from Agra to Delhi without prior notice. FYI, the train/public transportation delay is common in India, so it is good for you to prepare for some times in your itinerary. We got a very tight schedule in Delhi, only 8 hours to explore the city before we left for Jaisalmer by direct flight.

We visited Khari Baoli Market in Delhi.

As we just arrived in Jaisalmer, the temperature was really hot, it was about 46°C at noon. We went to hostel directly and enjoy the surroundings for a moment. The first place we visited in Jaisalmer was Patwa Ki Haveli that just few minutes walking from our hostel. At the afternoon, we booked the schedule for desert camel safari for tomorrow full day activity.

Day 6 — Jaisalmer

We had a full day activity for today, it was Desert Camel Safari.

Day 7 — Jaisalmer – Jodhpur

Last day in Jaisalmer, we decided to tour the whole city. We visited Bada Bagh in the morning and continue to see the Jaisalmer Palace. I think that this is the most beautiful city I have ever visited so far, the buildings are all painted in gold, natural color from desert rocks. Not to miss the other side of the desert city, we also enjoyed Gadisar Lake in Jaisalmer at the afternoon.

The night began, we left Jaisalmer and headed to Jodhpur by a rented car.

Day 8 — Jodhpur – Jaipur

Starting in the morning, we went to Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur. You know, we only have one day to explore the city and yes if you’re looking at our itinerary, it was almost one city for one day. Continuing the journey, we went to not-to-be-missed spot in India, the step well. Luckily, Jodhpur has Toorji Ka Jhalra Step Well, nearby the old town of blue city. FYI, Jodhpur is well-known as the blue city since the old town of this city is all painted in blue color. And not to waste the time, we captured some moments at the Blue City old town in Jodhpur before we left for Jaipur at night and go back to our home country in the morning.

If you guys are some kind of a lazy person and hard to understand story in paragraph, please don’t worry, because here I also attached a simplified itinerary by table down below:

Itin 1Itin 2Itin 3

Summary from above table:

Itin 4


*Spendings with IDR currency means that I did it in Indonesia by purchasing through several booking sites, and spendings with INR means that I used local currency in India

**Spendings on the above table are not included with purchasing souvenirs/gifts


Tips to reduce costs:

  1. Go to hostels, no hotels. Better if you could stay at local houses/homestay
  2. Go with your squad, never be alone
  3. Be smart in bargaining/negotiating. Never trust strangers who come to you
  4. Find promo ticket from several months before departing date, not only from online booking apps but also from mobile web and direct airline’s website, ’cause the price can be much cheaper!
  5. Spend to only necessary things! And more important, buy only mineral water

Any questions about my 8D7N Itinerary to India? Please let me know on the comment below! 🙂Thanks for reading.

Author: Doni Laksono

A worker who tries to escape from such a boring daily routines. Welcome and thank you for reading my travel blog.

7 thoughts on “8D7N Itinerary To India 2018 – Total Expenses Included!”

  1. cara cari hostelnya melalui (aplikasi) apa kak? kok bisa dapet murah, mungkin dapat dishare tips dan triknya bisa dapet hostel yang murah kak?, terus pesennya sudah jauh jauh hari atau dadakan pas disana ?.. terimakasih dan mohon informasinya,. 🙂 🙂

    1. Hostel bisa dari situs booking apa aja kok, cuma kalo gue lebih suka pake booking.com karena bisa batal tanpa kena biaya & bayarnya langsung di tempat hotel 😆😆

  2. keren, asli!
    share foto2 ciamiknya kak di 5 kota itu 😀

    btw itu AA gak kira2 promonya ya, pas transit di KL juga bisa city tour gratis padahal kak kalo lebih dari 7 jam. jadi nambah jalan2 lg 😀

    keep sharing ya kak!

    Salam kenal,

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