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5D4N Itinerary – Myanmar 2017

Here it is! For you who wants to have holidays in Myanmar. I share a complete day-by-day activities (5D4N Itinerary) when I visited Myanmar, started from Jakarta.

Basically, I went to 3 cities in Myanmar: Yangon, Bagan, Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake)

Capture 1Capture 2

Summary from above table:

Capture 3


*Spendings with IDR currency means that I did it in Indonesia by purchasing through several booking sites, and spendings with MMK means that I did it in Myanmar directly

**Spendings on the above table are not included with purchasing souvenirs/gifts


Tips to reduce budget:

  1. Lots of hotels/hostels for backpackers in Myanmar that costs from Rp50,000 per person. I spent more budget because the planned trip with 3 other friends didn’t go well, so I went with only 1 person (read: 2 persons, me and 1 other friend)
  2. Find promo ticket from long days before departing date, not only from online booking apps but also from mobile web and direct airline’s website, ’cause the price can be much more cheaper!
  3. Go with some friends, at least with 4 persons

Any questions about that 5D4N Itinerary to Myanmar? Please let me know on the comment! πŸ™‚



8 comments on “5D4N Itinerary – Myanmar 2017

  1. Saiful Anwar

    Wow, murah banget don!

    • Doni Laksono

      Bisa lebih murah lagi kalo hotelnya yang buat backpack dan jalan ramean buat patungan taksi dll wkwk

  2. Hi, salam kenal. Boleh tahu situs-situs web yang bisa dipakai untuk booking bus dll dari Jakarta? Saya tertarik banget ke Bagan, esp mau naik balon udaranya hehehehe

  3. Wah aku enam hari sampai Mandalay, banyak tidur di bus ampe gempor dan tegang punggung haha. Myanmar one of the best country I’ve ever visit.

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