Tutorial – Instagram Photo Editing; DARK TONES (EP.2)

It’s the second time I share my dark photo tone tutorial. Never get bored, right? If you haven’t seen the first episode, you can check here or if you like more to have a bright tone one, you can check it right here & please kindly need your feedback. So, here we go:

*Please note that you can skip step 1-2 if you already have the apps and you think your photo is not as bright as mine on this post


To create this tone, you need to install: Snapseed, Lightroom Mobile, and VSCO. That is mandatory. You can get them for free except VSCO (purchase additional filters).

Editing Apps

You can also read this, if you need a reference to install 12 best photo editing apps for your Instagram feeds.


Snapseed 1

Snapseed 2

**Always use snapseed as the first editing process and use only these features: Healing, Transform, Brush, Selective, and Expand.

You can use my photo sample for your practice, click here to download.

  1. Open Snapseed and choose the photo you want to edit by clicking “Open”
  2. Start editing by clinking pen logo in the bottom of right corner, then choose “Brush”
  3. In the brush section, please select “Exposure”, set it to -0.3 then start brushing to over-brighted area (in this photo, all area is looking too bright so brush it all), to show the area that you have brushed, tap on “eye” symbol beside the exposure
  4. After you brush, go to editing menu and choose “Transform”, swipe right or left to adjust the angle of the photo. Here I adjust Vertical perspective to -40, Horizontal perspective to +10, Rotation +0.45
  5. This photo is way too portrait and I think I need to crop some part of it. Go to editing menu then choose “Crop”, adjust the border so you crop only undesired part
  6. It’s done, save the photo and choose “Export”



Lightroom is only used to adjust or strengthen the color composition of the photo.

  1. Open Lightroom Mobile, select the photo that you have edited with Snapseed
  2. Go to “Color” on the menu bar below, then tap on rainbow circle (mix) at the right top corner***
  3. Done, so you can tap export then save photo to camera roll

***Color composition (Hue, Saturation, Luminance):

Dark Tone 2

(The number above can be adjusted as you desire)



VSCO is a final editing process for me. I didn’t use many filter but only 3 filters that become my favorite, they are C7, L3, and J2.

  1. Open the photo that you want to edit (result from lightroom) by clinking plus (+) at the top right corner
  2. Apply C7 filter for this photo, tap on the filter then set the opacity to +9.5
  3. Go to edit section then we can configure some elements****
  4. Done, save to camera roll!

****Elements that I have configured for this photo:

vsco edit

(The number above can be adjusted as you desire)


You got my seconf dark tone now, it’s time for you guys to show it off!

  1. Upload your edited photo or sample of my photo onto Instagram (sample here)
  2. Mention me (@donilaksono) with hashtag #donilaksono_tone because I wanna see your editing result! 😀


Before Edit


image1 (1)
After Edit

Thank you for reading my sharing. If you think this post is worth to read, please kindly share on your social media accounts.

Do I need to post the Episode 3? Please feel free to comment! 🙂

Author: Doni Laksono

A worker who tries to escape from such a boring daily routines. Welcome and thank you for reading my travel blog.

7 thoughts on “Tutorial – Instagram Photo Editing; DARK TONES (EP.2)”

  1. Doni ini salah satu teman saya yang ribet kalo soal edit-mengedit foto. Tapi hasil editing fotonya sangat sulit buat ditiru.

    It’s better if you create filters loh Don, hahahaha.

    Btw visit blog saya juga di Heriand.com 🙂

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