12 Photo Editing Apps You Must Install For Perfect Instagram Feeds

On my Instagram, I used to post both photos and instastory with various style of photo editing or video editing. And you, as one of my loyal audiences are sometimes wondering of how I edit those good photos/videos and what apps that I use to create them all. Right now and here, I  will share my 12 editing apps that you must install for perfect Instagram feeds:

*Please note that some of these apps are in-app purchases & only available on iOS devices


Snapseed Logo

A subsidiary of Google, this app is very simple yet powerful. I use Snapseed as first editing process because it has complete basic editing tools.

Use this to: Adjust point of view from your photos, darken/lighten specific area, removes unwanted objects from photos–this is the most important feature of all!


Lightroom Mobile Logo

Developed from Adobe, Lightroom mobile version is no much different from PC version. At least, it is still useful to make your photo looks adorable and it’s so user-friendly.

Use this to: Change the colors (hue, luminance) for each of your photos, adjust color saturation, and lights (black & white composition).


VSCO Cam Logo

This is one of the most simple and powerful editing apps in the market. I use this app as the final process of my editing after I use Snapseed and/or Lightroom mobile.

Use this to: Giving desired tones to your photos. My favorite presets are C7, L3, J2


Lens Distortion Logo

Sorry to say that this app is only for iOS users. This app is useful to create new ambience into your photos by adding natural effects.

Use this to: Add dramatic effects like fogs, bokeh, sunrays, lights, etc.


Plotograph Logo

This is not a free app and not too useful for you who likes to post selfies, foods or OOTD photos because it turns your photo into magical video. Best applied on landscape photos.

Use this to: Create your photo into a moving picture (video) in a specific area.


Enlight Logo

This app is so cool for those who like art and surrealistic photo, because we can edit many photos and blend them all into one good-looking art picture.

Use this to: Blend-in several photos, double exposure photos, photo masking, create logo or iconic profile picture.


Perfect365 Logo

For selfie lovers, please admit that your face is not flawless and such a beautiful-looking in every time. This app can beautify your whole face and of course it can increase your confidence.

Use this to: Soften your face skin, remove acnes and blemishes, change your hair color, and photo-make-up your appearence.


PicsArt Logo

A conventional editing app, but it’s clear and simple enough for editing.

Use this to: Collage photos, resize photos before you decide where to post (instastory, IG feeds, facebook, etc.), add funny and fancy stickers into your photos.


Typorama Logo

If you see my instastory sometimes is full of iconic and elegant fonts, yes I use this! This app is so easy, free, sleek, and useful. It also doesn’t consume many RAM on your phone.

Use this to: Add texts with elegant fonts into your photos or picture.


InShot Logo

Sometimes, photo or video resolution that you have taken doesn’t fit with Instagram and it’s automatically cropped when you upload, so this app can help you to make everything fits as you desire. I use this mostly for my instastory.

Use this to: Edit videos/photos, and fit it with desired screen ratio or resolution.


Flipagram Logo

Simple and free video editing app for your instastory guys, but unfortunately you need to purchase this app if you want to remove Flipagram watermark on your video.

Use this to: Edit videos and photos for your instastory to make unusual effects and add some musics.


VivaVideo Logo

The most reliable video editing app on the planet. It is so easy to use, perfectly complete feature and it gives you many options to edit your videos or photos by adding various kind of filters, templates, and fancy effects.

Use this to: Create or edit video and photo on your smartphone for vlogging.

So, have you intalled those apps and experienced some? What do you think? Or if you guys have other better editing apps in mind, please do not hesitate to comment below 🙂

Author: Doni Laksono

A worker who tries to escape from such a boring daily routines. Welcome and thank you for reading my travel blog.

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