4 Differences Between Backpacker & Suitcase Traveler. Which One Are You?

As a traveler, I am often asked “what type of traveler are you, Doni? A suitcase one or a backpacker?”, and I always answer “It depends”. Of course, it all depends on where we are going, how much the budget will be, and whom we will go with. That’s my opinion anyway..

Every person, I guess, has their own preference whether using the backpack or suitcase and we cannot argue or insist them to be what we want. So, what are the differences between backpacker and suitcase traveler? Which one is your type? Here we go:


  • Backpacker

Backpackers usually go to adventurous and challenging places. They are ready to climb or to hike for hours only to get beautiful scenery even there’s no one else at that spot. It feels so satisfying for backpackers if they get calm in an untouched spot.

Example destinations: Mountain, forests, caves, lakes, hidden beaches, etc.

Destinations for Most Backpackers
  • Suitcase Traveler

This kind of travelers tend to find crowded and secure destinations. Secure means easy to reach so they do not need to walk far and also the availability of accommodation like clear transportation route, hotels to stay, and restaurants.

Example destinations: City landmarks, tourist attractions spots, amusement parks, etc.

Destinations for Most Suitcase Travelers


  • Backpacker

For most backpackers, transportations are flexible but most important thing is; it must less expensive. They can use buses, trains, subways, or even take flights if they got hot deal promo. Budget for transportation sometimes is higher than the trip itself, agree? So this is important to stay having low cost transportation.

Bus & Train
  • Suitcase Traveler

These travelers are most commonly known. They have fixed itinerary for the trip with detailed step by step taking what transportation should be used on how they get to their planned destinations. Taking flights? Of course, to save time. Rent a car? Sometimes, but mostly yes. Taxi? Yes it’s preferred, rather than taking bus or any other mass transport even sometimes there are still few of them taking mass transport.

Airplane & Private Car


  • Backpacker

In most situations, backpackers usually bring only clothes what they need. T-shirts, pants, underwear, and personal medicines are enough to fulfill their whole trip. Pocket camera is the most common ‘travel weapon’ that they bring and also cellphone camera, even though some of them use DSLR camera or other professional camera.

Backpacker Stuff | Source: http://cdn.onlyinyourstate.com/
  • Suitcase Traveler

Different with backpacker one, the suitcase travelers mostly bring lots of stuff. They are very well prepared of what stuff to bring for their holiday trip. As far I know, suitcase traveler often pay for extra baggage because they aim to shop in the middle of the trip.

Suitcase Traveler Stuff | Source: http://www.accidentaltravelwriter.net/


  • Backpacker

The best part of being a backpacker is that you can stayover everywhere, I mean the priority of staying is not in the hotel but in friends’ or acquaintances’ home/apartment and sometimes in a very urgent time, a backpacker can also sleep in a bus terminals, a mosque, or even in a homestay of local people that they do not know yet before.

Homestay & Hostel
  • Suitcase Traveler

No doubt, suitcase travelers would probably book a hotel or villa before they really go for a trip. Sometimes, they also can stay in their friends’ home or apartment but they mostly don’t want to stay in a homestay of local people or even in a bus terminal and a mosque.

Villa & Hotel

Last but not least, whatever your traveling style is, one that matter is that you need to keep the dignity of our country and protect our environment by not littering. The moment we travel is not only for earning happiness but more than that we learn of something we cannot get from school. Anyway, what type of traveler are you, guys?

Author: Doni Laksono

A worker who tries to escape from such a boring daily routines. Welcome and thank you for reading my travel blog.

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