Tutorial – Instagram Photo Editing; BRIGHT TONES (EP.1)

I appreciate your interest to my tones, guys! After I posted photo editing tutorial for previous dark tones here, the traffic to my blog has increased significantly.. good job! Well, since I got the new posts of bright tones, most people are also having fond to my tones! Thank you very much.

As a generous person, now I would like to share you my bright tones tutorial with some very simple steps. Anyway, this is even more simple rather than editing the dark tones one. Ready? Here we go:


Unlike the dark tones, you are required to install only these 2 apps: VSCO Cam and Lens Distortions (LD). Those apps are free to download but you need to purchase additional filters for both VSCO and LD.

*LD is only available on iOS devices. If you use Android device, you can install Lens Flare or Picsart or other apps that support flare filters as alternatives.

Editing Apps




  1. Open VSCO and select your photo that will be edited, apply filter C7 or C8, it depends on your interest or your photo
  2. Go to Exposure, increase the level to +3.0 (it can be lower or higher, depends on your photo)
  3. Go to Temperature, increase the level to +1.5 (number are adjustable, depends on your photo but it must be increased)
  4. In Contrast, you can increase the level to +0.5 or more to keep the colors of your photo clear
  5. Highlights, make it to number +2.5 to +5.0, depends on your photo. This is used to make the brightness of the photo a bit diminished.
  6. Skin Tone, make it increased to number +2.0 or more as long as it looks yellowish, if you make it decreased to minus (-) your photo will looks a bit reddish
  7. Go to Fade, increase the level to +2.0 or up to +3.5, it is used to make the colors look blended in
  8. Shadows Tint, choose only between purple or red, depends on your photo. Here I chose red and increase the level to +3.0
  9. Highlights Tint, choose only blue, this is used to make the bright background looks sunny. Increase the blue to level +2.0
  10. Done for VSCO, now save your photo to gallery/camera roll


LD Editing Process
  1. Open LD, and choose the photo that has been edited from VSCO
  2. Choose flare filter on Light Hits, here I use the filter number 5, so it shows Light Hits 5
  3. Move that filter to the right corner above the photo. The filter can be dragged and put anywhere as you wish but you need to adjust where to put so it looks like a real sunlight
  4. The default color of this flare filter is orange, so change the color by swiping up left or right on COLOR section. Swipe until you find a yellowish color
  5. Done, save your photo to gallery/camera roll


You got my bright tone now, it’s time for you guys to show it off again!

  1. Upload your edited photo onto Instagram
  2. Mention me (@donilaksono) with hashtag #Sharingby_Donilaksono because I wanna see your editing result! 😀 I don’t ask money for this but if you guys appreciate what I have shared, please do this.

Thank you for reading my sharing. If you think this post is worth to read, please kindly share on your social media accounts.

What do you want for next sharing? Please feel free to comment! 🙂

Author: Doni Laksono

A worker who tries to escape from such a boring daily routines. Welcome and thank you for reading my travel blog.

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