5 Steps to be a Celebrity on Instagram (Celebgram)

If you are an active Instagram user, you know that there are lots of people lately, come up with fame even though they’re not an actor or an actress, not even a singer or a model, but they come up through Instagram with tons of followers. It feels like you’re asking yourself if it’s possible for common people like them having that many followers? Being such a popular person like them, of course, give its own benefits like you’ll get many comments and likes in each post you do.

We call them a Celebgram (celebrity on Instagram), a phrase for common people who are popular on Instagram. If you become famous, especially on Instagram, more or less your life will change like a celebrity in real life, what else can you get from this? Endorsement? Networking? Fans? You’ll get them all! Great isn’t it?

Everyone can be a celebram, and yes you can be a celebgram too! The question is “How?”. Okay, Let me tell you the simple steps to become famous on Instagram. I know I’m not that kind of a celebgram but I’ll tell you a secret that can help you reach your dream. Here we go:

I. Define Theme

An Instagram profile should have a focus on what your hobby is. There are plenty of Instagram users with different characteristics, themes, and hobbies to make themselves look unique as the way they are. Below are the example of theme that you need to pick one up to start your Instagram or you can try another theme if you got new idea:

Selfie Master

Source: http://instagram.com/thecutlife



Source: http://instagram.com/donilaksono


Pet Lover

Source: http://instagram.com/doggiesdepot



Source: http://instagram.com/tastemontreal



Source: http://instagram.com/flatlays


Street/Human Interest

Source: http://instagram.com/official_photography_hub


Fashion OOTD

Source: http://instagram.com/lisadengler


Make Up Junkie

Source: http://instagram.com/rubina_muartistry


Fun Comedy

Source: http://instagram.com/9gag



Source: http://instagram.com/lookingart

Have you decide the theme for your Instagram account? Or you just post randomly? Oh come on guys, you need to show your greatest creativity, pick one!

II. Tone & Photo Quality

Tone is the composition of lights, brightness, shadows, contrast, and colors that combines into one to make your photo has an identity. I have shared the tutorial of my dark tone here if you want to see it as a reference. You must build your own tone (if possible) to reveal who you are, once you have it, people will know you with it as your identity that differentiate you with someone else. Easy?

For the photo quality, make sure you have a clear photo, not a blurry one because it’s easier to edit. It doesn’t relate to how great megapixel you have in your camera, but how they way you take the photo itself.

III. Post Regularly

Posting your photo or video regularly is a must. You need to schedule it daily or even weekly, and so on, and it’s not about just posting but you have to consider the perfect time like at peak hours, or in the morning/night, and you must also consider the day. Remember, by doing this, you’ll get easier to be found by other Instagram users and make more people view your post at the right time.

IV. Engagement

You have an Instagram, you get many followers, you get lots of fans, and then what? Without any interactions between you as a player and your audience, your Instagram account won’t last long. This is why engagement is the most important thing to keep your account alive, at least be respected.

To increase engagement, you can try to follow as many people that you like (follow people with the same interest would be better), start liking their photo or someone else’s photos, giving comments and also replying comments on your own photos. Simple? Yes! The point is, you need to be as humble as you can even though on the social media. That’s what public figures do.

V. Community Building

Last but not least, this is optional whether you want to build a community or not, but it is encouraged to do so. Why? It is because on social media, you only know people by what they post, not knowing them personally in real life, all you need to do is having a time to meet them, not everyone but if there is only an opportunity comes. Arranging time to meet or joining the same events together would be better sometimes. This kind of activities will probably make you deeply fall in love of what you do to your Instagram account as long as still in the positive side.

You got any other experiences to be an extraordinary Celebgram? Please comment below and let me know your opinions! Thank you.

Author: Doni Laksono

A worker who tries to escape from such a boring daily routines. Welcome and thank you for reading my travel blog.

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